GV200 is the smallest (50% of GV330 gate count) vector graphics IP core out of the GSHARK-TAKUMI family. Most popular high-grade vector graphics including rendering of fonts, maps and images are accelerated with minimum CPU load, inheriting the base architecture of GV300 and GV330.

Functions and Features

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Key Benefits

1. Smallest vector graphics IP core

GV200 is the world’s smallest IP core to enable representative vector graphics applications including advanced drawing of fonts, maps, images as well as image filtering. With almost half the size of TAKUMI’s other vector graphics IP cores (GV300 and GV330), GV200 is an IP of choice for embedded systems requiring lower power consumption and cost, i.e., minimum possible size of SoC).

2. The hardwired approach for advanced performance and quality graphics

GV200 reduces the high-CPU-load processes including tessellation unique to vector graphics by processing them with TAKUMI’s original processor for advanced performance vector graphics and animations.

3. High quality vector graphics rendering

Quality and advanced vector graphics including drawing of lines/curves/images as well as blending and antialiasing are available.

4. Smaller and less power consuming

Inheriting GSHARK-TAKUMI graphics architecture well-accepted in mobile devices and introducing the design approach targeting the smallest-in-class gate count and power consumption, advanced graphics rendering performance and small power consumption come together to make GV200 an IP of choice for mobile devices including handsets.

5. Easier system integration

GV200 as well as other GSHARK-TAKUMI IP cores is provided in synthesizable data for independence on the semiconductor process technologies. Interface to the customer logic also supports the industrial standards and is provided in a customizable format, allowing easier modification to the customer design asset. For example, GSHARK-TAKUMI is easily integrated to the customer SoC interfacing the standard bus system such as AXI to the customer's original one.


Mobile handsets, consumer electronics devices including digital still camera and camcorders as well as digital TVs and STBs, and printers.