GT2D is an IP core packaging the GSHARK-TAKUMI family 2D Sprite engine, which accelerates 2D graphics for mobile devices including portable audio player and other consumer digital audio and imaging devices. The smallest footprint in the family easily enriches animations including GUI with least impact on the LSI cost. GT2D also allows software compatibility with other GSHARK-TAKUMI IP cores thanks to the family-common Sprite engine.

Functions and Features

Pixel performance 200Mpix/sec
Color depth 16/32-bit
Maximum displayable size 2048x2048
2D features [2D Sprite]
Scaling, Rotation, Transformation,
BitBLT, Line/Dot/Rectangle drawing,
Blending, Transparent color
Others Copy engine (High speed rectangle fill, Format conversion)

Key Benefits

1. High performance advanced 2D Sprite engine

Such advanced graphics features including scaling, rotating and transforming enrich expression of displayed applications such as GUI menu and animations. The Sprite engine also ensures advanced performance graphics in embedded systems by freeing up CPU from rendering load by processing it in the hardware.

2. Smaller and less power consuming

The smallest footprint in the family easily enriches animations including GUI with least impact on the LSI cost. GT2D’s design approach focused on low power consumption ensures advanced rendering while consuming significantly less power, making GT2D a good choice for such mobile devices as digital still cameras and camcorders.

3. Compatibility

The software compatibility thanks to the family-common Sprite engine allows easier transition to other GSHARK-TAKUMI 3D, Vector Graphics or the Hybrid IPs with assured utilization of customer’s software asset.

4. Easier system integration

GT2D as well as other GSHARK-TAKUMI IP cores is provided in synthesizable data for independence on the semiconductor process technologies. Interface to the customer logic also supports the industrial standards and is provided in a customizable format, allowing easier modification to the customer design asset. For example, GSHARK-TAKUMI is easily integrated to the customer SoC interfacing the standard bus system such as AXI to the customer's original one.


Synthesizable RTL
Sprite Library


Mobile handsets, consumer electronics devices including digital still camera and camcorders as well as digital TVs and STBs, and printers.